Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toy of 2015

Tracy Newman’s I Can Swing Forever Children’s Album Named Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toys of 2015

Illustrated award art of Dr. Toy's Best Classic 2015 for I Can Swing ForeverSinger/songwriter Tracy Newman’s children’s album, I Can Swing Forever, has been named one of Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toys of 2015. The CD is packaged with a singalong coloring book, designed and illustrated by Tracy’s daughter, artist Charlotte Dean. Visit: icanswingforever.com or tracynewman.com for more information.

The mother/daughter collaboration began decades ago. When Charlotte was little it was hard to get her to go to sleep, so Tracy sang to her every night. Some nights Tracy was too tired for the whole routine, and she would have appreciated an album that worked as well as live singing – playful songs subtly drifting into sleepy songs. There didn’t seem to be one out there. So, over time, Tracy wrote and gathered her own combination of songs to sing to Charlotte that worked every time. Charlotte would be engaged and then fall asleep, never knowing what hit her. I Can Swing Forever is made up of those same songs in the same order that worked so well with Charlotte.

Tracy is an Emmy Award winning TV writer. She wrote on many comedy shows, including Cheers, The Nanny and The Drew Carey Show. She co-wrote the groundbreaking “coming out” episode of Ellen (her Emmy win) and co-created the long-running ABC series, According to Jim. Charlotte is an artist and the author of the My Crazy Baby Brother books. She recently wrote a 90-minute comedy show called Charlotte’s Shorts, which is having its 3rd run at The Groundlings Theatre on May 12.

Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, has, for many years, been one of the world’s leading experts on children’s products. Her four annual award programs include products from the best large and small companies. Many parents, teachers and toy buyers use Dr. Toy’s guidance in making selections. Her Best Products Programs provide a unique copyrighted review of children’s products. See more at: http://www.drtoy.com

I Can Swing Forever contains 18 tracks ranging from gently active to sleepy time lullabies. The singalong coloring book engages children while they listen to the songs, without the use of over-stimulating electronics or social media. Parents who are developing a bedtime routine will find I Can Swing Forever a helpful tool. It is currently available on CD Baby as well as Amazon, and here at icanswingforever.com