Illustrated CD and book covers - CD and Coloring Book: I Can Swing Forever by Tracy Newman and FriendsI Can Swing Forever

18 children’s songs for playtime and bedtime, plus a 40-page sing-along coloring book.

Tracy Newman and Friends sing and play 18 original and cover songs for children. The “Playtime” songs have catchy melodies and are fun to dance to. The “Bedtime” songs will ease children into a quiet night. The songs are gentle, slower-tempo lullabies, with beautiful harmonies.

This set also includes a 40-page Sing-Along Coloring Book, featuring large, two-page drawings for each song. The book is printed on paper that is ideal for crayon, markers, and even watercolor paint. The original artwork was created by¬†Charlotte Dean, Tracy Newman’s daughter. The mother and daughter pair also co-wrote one of the songs.

Track listing:


  1. I Can Swing Forever
  2. It Could Be a Wonderful World
  3. Millie’s House
  4. Piccolo Mini
  5. Jumpa Jumpa Jumpa
  6. Ah Si Mon Moine
  7. Under the Chair
  8. Saraspunda
  9. Close Your Eyes and Point Your Finger
  10. Pick Up Your Clothes
  11. Last in Line


  1. Run Along Home
  2. Dream Rider
  3. Dessert Silvery Blue
  4. Did You Ever Once Feel?
  5. Life is Like a Journey / I Walked a Mile with Pleasure
  6. Sleep in My Arms
  7. Things Are What They Seem (Time to Sleep)

Total running time: 37:50